The Vision of DairyAntibiogram

  1. Promote comprehensive stewardship of Elanco mastitis antimicrobial dry cow and lactating cow treatments.
  2. Use broth microdilution methodology to provide farm-level antibiograms which guide the prescription of antimicrobials used in the treatment of mastitis.
  3. Define and objectively quantify the current status of antimicrobial susceptibility of the common mastitis pathogens in New Zealand.
  4. Monitor this status over time.
  5. Maintain a database so that different antimicrobial use patterns and their effects on antimicrobial resistance can be investigated.

The value of DairyAntibiogram to YOUR farm

A DAIRYANTIBIOGRAM will give you valuable information which, with the direction from your vet, will help you:

  1. Plan to use effective mastitis treatments
  2. Avoid using expensive broad spectrum treatments when other less expensive options are shown to be effective
  3. Know your resistance status and how this ranks compared to other farms in the country
  4. Develop biosecurity plans to protect a “good” resistance status
  5. Identify threats to your herd which can be investigated further and managed or removed
  6. Monitor if your resistance status is changing over time
  7. Help your dairy industry demonstrate that it is using antibiotics responsibly

Value To The Dairy Industry

  • Data on the susceptibility of local mastitis bacteria will help to ensure that effective antimicrobials are used for the treatment of mastitis and the maintenance of good animal welfare.
  • Monitoring the resistance situation, and using susceptibility data in the decision making process helps to demonstrate antibiotics are being prescribed and used responsibly.
  • Develop a picture of the current state of antibiotic resistance, and monitor it’s changes over time and in relation to usage practices.
  • Uphold the reputation of the New Zealand dairy industry.