Welcome To The DairyAntibiogram Hub

This site provides introductory information about antibiotic resistance testing in bacteria which cause mastitis in dairy cattle. Through this site you can also request a DAIRYANTIBIOGRAM test via your veterinarian. Antibiotic resistance is an important and complex phenomenon. Your veterinarian is the best person to discuss the results with you, and to formulate appropriate treatment protocols and action plans to manage mastitis and antibiotic resistance on your farm.

If you request a test through this site, you will receive an email detailing the price of the test (which is charged on your veterinary invoice), and you will be asked to confirm that you would like the testing to go ahead.


  1. Promote comprehensive stewardship of Elanco mastitis antimicrobial dry cow and lactating cow treatments.
  2. Use broth microdilution methodology to provide farm-level antibiograms which guide the prescription of antimicrobials used in the treatment of mastitis.
  3. Define and objectively quantify the current status of antimicrobial susceptibility of the common mastitis pathogens in New Zealand.
  4. Monitor this status over time.
  5. Maintain a database so that different antimicrobial use patterns and their effects on antimicrobial resistance can be investigated.